Training takes place during Chapter events, in small groups, and/or with a partner; and all materials are available online through the Anna’s Circle Community.  The training modules are not a “one-size-fits-all” approach; rather a set of customizable tools that you can use to share the Gospel in a way that fits with your culture and personality.  In working through the Anna’s Circle Training, women find a new boldness and confidence as they share the Good News about Jesus in their communities!

Anna’s Circle training materials (which are free!) were adapted from the highly successful church planter training provided by Multiplication Network. Since 2008, Multiplication Network has trained thousands of church planters, many of which are women, like Anna.

Each Anna’s Circle Training Module includes an exercise in prayer. Our hope is that your prayer life with God will deepen as you gain skills and confidence to share your faith with others.

What are the goals of the Anna’s Circle Training?

  • This just-in-time-training provides tools throughout that let you implement what you learn as you go.
  • You should expect to actively lead one person to a new faith in Jesus or help someone who needs to reconnect with Jesus and get back into a relationship with Him.
  • You will learn to mentor others who will also join Anna’s Circle, creating generations of disciple-makers.


Module One: Am I Called?

  • Session One — Called and Equipped
  • Session Two — Assessment: Building on our Strengths
  • Session Three — Listening Prayer
  • Session Four — Teaming Together: What’s Next

Module Two: How do I boldly Share Jesus?

  • Session One — Walking in Boldness, Overcoming Fear
  • Session Two — Writing my Gospel Story
  • Session Three — Mobilized Prayer for Kingdom Advancement

Module Three: What does Sharing Jesus look like?

  • Session One — How to Create an Inductive Bible Study
  • Session Two — Overflow of the Heart: Speaking about Jesus in the Everyday
  • Session Three — Personal Rhythms of Prayer

Module Four: What is the Process of Conversion?

  • Session One — Moving People Toward Faith (Part 1)
  • Session Two — Moving People Toward Faith (Part 2)
  • Session Three — Creating a Prayer Journal

Module Five: Beyond Your Christian Bubble

  • Session One — Oikos: Beyond Your Christian Bubble
  • Session Two — Who, Me? Lead a Small Group?
  • Session Three — The Cost of being a Disciple (Part 1)

Module Six: What is a Disciple?

  • Session One — What is a Disciple? The Keys to Successful Disciple-Making
  • Session Two — The Role of the Church
  • Session Three — Give – The Cost of being a Disciple (Part 2)

Module Seven: Who is Our Enemy?

  • Session One — Evangelism and Churches
  • Session Two — Spiritual Warfare
  • Session Three — Praying Ephesians 6, The Armor of God

Module Eight: Expanding the Circle

  • Session One — Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Strategies for Moving Forward
  • Session Two — Mentoring Others and Expanding the Circle!
  • Session Three — Rise Up: Praying for the next Anna’s Circle “Generation”

You’re Invited

Join with other women, like Anna, in sharing the Good News about Jesus in your community. Commit to prayer, ask for God’s guidance, and commit to training to become like Anna. Then boldly go out, put your training into action, and watch what God does!

So, Join the Circle!

Simply register online at and you’re part of the Anna’s Circle Community! God is at work and we have the privilege of coming alongside Him and seeing what He will do as we obey His call to “Go and make disciples of all nations!”

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