About Anna’s Circle

Anna’s Circle was inspired by Anna, a church planter in Tanzania, who left everything to obey God’s call to start a new church. Anna was trained using Multiplication Network’s materials and continues to boldly share her faith as she grows her church and mentors future leaders who are starting more churches in nearby villages.

Members of Anna’s Circle meet online or in person with each group of women incorporating the three pillars of PRAY, TRAIN, and GIVE as God guides them. As Christians, we are called to grow in all three areas, and all are essential for achieving our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is for women to team together to share the Good News about Jesus, both here and abroad!

As we share Anna’s story, the overwhelming response is, “I want to be like Anna!” Anna is a woman of prayer… who went through a year of training… and now gives generously of her time and resources.


  • Prayer is our anchor and foundation. We pray for church planters, women in training, and people we know who don’t yet follow Jesus. We ask God to lead us, equip us, and give us boldness as we step forward, in faith, into what He is calling us to do.


  • We have adapted the successful church planter training materials of Multiplication Network and created two programs (Basic and Comprehensive) to train women how to build relationships of trust so they can better share their faith with friends, family, neighbors… whomever God brings into our lives.


  • God is the greatest giver of all and He calls us to be like him. Growing in generosity includes giving of our time and our money. So many people, like Anna, are just waiting on funding so they can be trained to start healthy, growing churches in communities where many have never heard the name Jesus.

Building the Community

As new Anna’s Circles are formed, women meet to pray and discuss how often to gather as well as how to incorporate the three pillars:  PRAY, TRAIN, and GIVE.  Depending on the make-up of the group, and what they believe God is calling them to do, the primary focus can vary.  For example:

  • Your group may consist of devoted prayer warriors where you spend the bulk of your time praying for the salvation of friends, family members, and people in your community, as well as specific prayer requests we receive from church planters globally.  Some groups even plan prayer walks together!
  • For training, there are several options:
    1. Groups desiring in-depth training select our comprehensive program.  This training includes eight modules, with several sessions in each, and lots of practical application and action steps.  Be prepared to be challenged and to invest the time required to complete these information-packed modules!
    2. Other groups might choose our basic program, a subset of the comprehensive program which breaks modules into smaller “chunks” and moves at a slower pace.  This training covers one session at a time and assigns a single action step between meetings, allowing more time for practice and discussion.
    3. You might choose to pray for those in training or select one of the sessions to study and discuss together.  We’re happy to provide some ideas and suggestions!
  • All Anna’s Circle members are challenged to grow in generosity.  This includes giving of our time and resources.  If you are called to financially support the training of more church planters, like Anna, your group might become a giving circle.  When you meet, you will pray and hear inspiring stories about what God is doing through female church planters who are starting new churches around the world.

We are always looking for women interested in bringing Anna’s Circle to their area. If you would like more information, please email us at annascircle@multiplicationnetwork.com and Sandra Tolsma, our National Director, will contact you.

Anna’s Circle Community Online

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, women visit Anna’s Circle Community to train, receive prayer and giving updates, and interact with each other online. Simply go to learn.annascircle.org and register. Once your account (It’s Free!) is set up, you have joined the community.

The Train tab at the top gives you access to Anna’s Circle Basic and Comprehensive Training Programs. These trainings are designed to complete at your own pace, and we highly recommend working through the sessions with a partner and/or an Anna’s Circle small group.  Groups meet both online and in person.  Contact us if you are interested in joining a new group that is forming.

Join the Circle!

Join with women who PRAY, TRAIN, and GIVE to spread the Gospel!  Contact Us for more information and/or register online at learn.annascircle.org to join Anna’s Circle Community! God is at work and we have the privilege of coming alongside Him and seeing what He will do as we obey His calling to “Go and make disciples of all nations!”

Is God calling you to join Anna’s Circle?